Hello all and welcome to my page about Tahiti and it's islands.  My wife and I went there for our 10yr aniversary.  It was awesome.  Loved French Polynesia.   We left on a Friday and got back on a Monday.  So we were gone a total of 10 days. 

This was our itenerary Friday to LA, Saturday LA  to Tahiti to Moorea.   Sunday and Monday Moorea, Tuesday go to Raiatea.  Wednesday Thursday and Friday Raiatea.  Friday fly to Tahiti Saturday Tahiti, Sunday Fly to LA.  Monday Fly home.

Friday Fly to LA - Go out with my Neice Trisha, her husband Alex and my old friend Toni and her hubby.  We ate at some place on the ocean.  It was very good. lahotel.jpg (174077 bytes) We got a free upgrade on our car at Hertz.   Good service there.  We stayed at the Quality Inn near the airport.  The hotel was ok.  Like Trisha said hey if your feet don't stick to the floor in the bathroom.  In LA that is a great hotel.  Well our feet didn't stick.   Picture of the hotel.  Well we slept pretty good that night and got up the next morning and took our car up to Rodeo drive, Tonanga Cannon, and Up PCH.  It was a nice Drive.  lamornin.jpg (138931 bytes)

This was a picture off of PCH looking at the ocean.  Nice view huh?

About noon we went to the airport and got check into our Flight.  We flew Air Tahiti Nui down to Tahiti.  Nice flight but it was 8hours and 30 minutes.  Going down.  Here is us on the plane.

usplane.jpg (140135 bytes)When we got to Tahiti it was raining.  Yucky! and it was dark.  double yuck.  We we going to spend our first three nights in Moorea.   So we had to catch a quick flight to Moorea.  It was only a 5 minute flight but I really didn't like it.  We were on a puddle jumper of a plane and with the rain and stuff it was fairly turbulant.  Oh well we had made it to Moorea and we were still alive.  For us Checking through customs was a trip.  It was our first time going to a foreign country and it was wierd to have to go through customs and everything.   Well we got up this first day in Tahiti.  Sunday.  We had only one thing really planned for this day.  Helene was going on the Dolphin swim and that wasn't until 1pm so we had lots o time to kill especially since our bodies were still on Iowa time and we woke up at 5am.  So we went and got some bikes and went to Les Tipaniers and got breakfast.  It wasn't that good but the view was great.  moorea2.jpg (226874 bytes)

This is one of the views on the bike ride over.  Nice huh? I had only a few complaints about Tahiti in general.  One was the food.  Of course I am an Iowa boy so I really like my steak and tators.  Oh well others can disagree with me.   The second was the lack of public toilets.  Other than that things were just about perfect.  Oh well

Back to our bungalow at the Beachcomber Parkroyal.  Hey someone cleaned up while we left.  That is cool.  Helene and I decided to go swimming.  rodswim.jpg (203584 bytes)

Me Swimming and Helene getting ready to.

huthelen.jpg (146799 bytes) Our Hut was awesome.  I can fully recommend the Beachcomber as a place to Stay in Moorea.  We enjoyed our three nights there about the most as far as the hotel was concerned.  In fact a person could easily spend a week on Moorea and never get bored.  Here is a picture of some of the other huts.   mhuts.jpg (38934 bytes) And the views of the flowers around our

Hotel were awesome.  Here is a picture of some of the flowers that Helene captured.

mflower.jpg (138299 bytes)

Aren't they awesome.








Well anyway we were having so much fun but we had to get to the Dolphin Swim.   Helene had a blast doing this and I had almost as much fun snapping pictures.   I'm not as good as Helene with the camera but I did get some decent pictures.

dolphold.jpg (161058 bytes)dolpkiss.jpg (113915 bytes)dolpjump.jpg (167634 bytes) I think this last one is about the best.  Helene had a blast and it was really worth it. 

Later that day we went and rented a car right in the Beachcomber for 24hours.   They only had these Fiats left car.jpg (47222 bytes)

But what the Heck I said.  Little car little island should be fun.  It was.   We went out to eat that night with Paul and Tina a really nice couple that we met on the plane.  We ate at Alfredos in Cook's Bay.  Good food.  Great service and we had a nice relaxing evening. 

paultina.jpg (170450 bytes) Then back to the hut and to bed.  Someone came in and cleaned up again! Oh well I guess you can just expect good service.  Next morning we got up and got in the car for an around the island car ride.  This was fun.   We saw lots o fun stuff and it was a cheap way to see the island. Here are some of the sites.

church.jpg (180285 bytes)

church1.jpg (179276 bytes) These Churchs were cool and Helene want pictures.

The water falls were pretty cool as well.

fallsbak.jpg (280542 bytes)fallsup.jpg (228132 bytes)

fallshel.jpg (227949 bytes)

We really enjoyed our hike up to them.  We also saw some real cool plants

mflowtre.jpg (220650 bytes)

mflatree.jpg (228170 bytes)

And finally a picture of Tahiti from Moorea. 

tmoorea.jpg (172889 bytes)

And we went shopping and to Belvedre lookout.  Finally we got home and did some more snorkelling.  Just after we get out three sharks started swimming in front of our hut. 

sharkcam.jpg (141923 bytes)shark2.jpg (124332 bytes)

Paul and Tina came over to watch them as well.  Also then Paul saw a morea eel under our bungelow. I have a picture of him and Helene and Tina looking at it.  Quite funny but Helene wouldn't let me put it on the website. 

All in all it was a great day.  That evening we got dressed up and went to a polynesian dance thing.  That was awesome.  Helene actually wore a grass skirt and dance on stage. Unfortunately the picture didn't turn out though.  The only decent picture was of us dressed up.  usdress.jpg (167650 bytes)

Well we got up the next morning and had to leave of Raiatea.  We had such a great time in Moorea that I was wondering if Raiatea would be a let down. It wasn't.  But we said good by to Moorea.

moorea1.jpg (142320 bytes)

And got on our plane for Raiatea.  raiatea.jpg (167086 bytes)


It was a very pretty island as well.  Again it rained as soon as we got on the plane.  It stopped later that afternoon.  We took a quick walk into Utoroa.

uttora.jpg (211902 bytes)It was a interesting little town.  They have lots of Chinese shops and small grocery stores.  The food there is a bit more diverse than Moorea but unless you look hard not as good. I would recommend staying with the grocery stores in Utoroa and the Chinese food places. Jade Garden was especially good.  I would skip eating at the hotel.  A walk into town only takes about 20 minutes on foot or 30 seconds via car.  And the Hotel, Raiatea Pearl Resort, has bikes for rent. We walked most of the time.  The next day dawned rainy and they cancelled our cruise around Tahaa (darn it).  So we rented a scooter and went to explore the big Marea at the Southern edge of Raiatea.  We got soaked but the ride was gorgeous and we stopped in a small pension and the people were so nice to let us in out of the rain.  It was warm rain so it wasn't all the bad. Rodscoot.jpg (193339 bytes)

Here is me soaked to the skin on a the scooter.  But I was happy. 

We get down to the ancient temple and it was really cool.  Gotta see it. I would almost suggest getting a guide we didn't and probably paid the price in knowledge for it.

rodraia.jpg (199937 bytes) Also at the temple wegeco.jpg (32635 bytes) saw lots of Gecos.  These little lizards are everywhere and they eat mosiquitos.  They are even in your bungelows alot but don't worry they are harmless.  Well we went back to our hotel and waited for our fill in excursion up the Faraa River in Raiatea.  It was ok.  I liked our guide but the river just wasn't that exciting.  Our Guide made it worth while though.   Here is a picture of Cedric.

cedric.jpg (136266 bytes) He was a cool dude and afterwards he took us up aroundmotu.jpg (34866 bytes) a motu for some snorkeling, looking at wrecked boats wreck.jpg (193887 bytes)and then back to the hotel.  All in all a good afternoon. Finally we got back to our hotel and ate at the hotel.  Big mistake.   oh well.

The next day it dawned really stormy. 

storm.jpg (165323 bytes)It was a very interesting picture out of our hotel room.  We decided to call it a day and just stay in and read.  It was a really relaxing day.  The next day it dawned partly cloudy. rsunrise.jpg (162238 bytes) and we decided to do a bit of snorkeling off our deck.   The fish were awesome here.raiafish.jpg (179116 bytes)raiafis2.jpg (128631 bytes) We got alot of use out of the underwater camera but we didn't get alot of good pictures out of it.  If we would have saved for the Day trip around Tahaa we would have gotten much better pictures.  Anyway we also had views off our deck of a volcano that  is on Raiatea. rvolcano.jpg (169204 bytes)


Well that is the end of the pictures that I have at the moment.  We have too more rolls from our day trip to Tahaa and our last day on Tahiti itself.   Those should be some very good pictures.  I'll post them as soon as I get them scanned. 

Talk to you all later.  Rod!